Resident Handbook

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January 1, 2016

Welcome to your home, professionally managed by Specialized Realty Services!

We are pleased to have you as our residents, and we would like your experience with Specialized Realty Services, LLC to be a pleasant one.  Along with your Lease Agreement, this Resident Handbook is a very important reference tool.  It contains helpful information that will make your residency a satisfying one.  The Resident’s Handbook is designed to outline our responsibility to you, and your responsibilities to Specialized Realty Services, LLC and the owner of the home.  It is our sincere belief that we can better serve your needs as a resident, when our residents are aware of our policies and processes in advance.

BE AWARE, this Resident Handbook is part of your lease agreement and is binding on all parties associated with your Lease Agreement.

Lastly, because Oregon Landlord Tenant laws are ever changing and evolving, we recommend visiting our website,, for the most recent version of this handbook.


Thank you!

The Team at Specialized Realty Services, LLC

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Get To Know Your Property

In case of emergency, it is important to be familiar with the property and shut off valves to electrical, water and gas services that can cause damage if not shut off in a timely manner.

Upon move-in, locate the breaker box and note the location of the Ground Fault Interrupt (GFI) breakers or switches, and the breakers for the stove/oven, water heater and heating/air conditioner.  In the event that any of these appliances lose power, these are the first steps to troubleshooting the concern.

Next, locate the water shut off for the hot water heater and all shut off valves under each sink and toilet.  It is important to turn these off at the source if any of these items are leaking, flooding or malfunctioning AFTER the shutoff valve to the specific device.  If there is a general leak or flood that cannot be contained by a local shut off valve, you will need to shut off the water for the entire home.  The water main for the home is usually located in the front yard near the sidewalk or road.

Lastly, familiarize yourself with the location of the gas main.

Please ensure all leaseholders are familiar with the devices, as knowing the location and how to properly shut off these services can play an important role in preventing or minimizing damage to the home and your personal property in the event of an emergency.

Resident Notices, Contact Information and Emergency Contact Information

Specialized Realty Services conveys important information to our residents via e-mail.  Per your lease agreement, you have authorized Specialized Realty Services, LLC to provide “actual notice” to you in this manner.  It is VERY IMPORTANT for you to keep Specialized Realty Services, LLC updated with ANY changes or to your e-mail, phone, vehicle or emergency contact information.  These updates may be made in writing through




The Property:

You have leased a home from another party who has retained our services to ensure the home is being well cared for, without damage above normal wear and tear.  During the term of your residency, you are in possession of the home and yard space, if applicable.  Your obligations are similar to those of the owner; you are expected to care for and maintain the premises in the same condition as you received it upon your move-in date, less normal wear and tear.  Because our fiduciary responsibility is to the homeowner, a complete and thorough move-in inspection has been completed on this property just prior to your move-in.  We also invite you to document any damages you notice upon move-in through pictures or video, in addition to noting them on the move-in inspection form, provided to you upon move-in.

Rental Payments:

All rents are due and payable, on the first day of each month. Late fees as noted in your Lease Agreement are assessed on the 5th of the month (after midnight of the 4th) without exception (regardless of weekends or holidays).  Rent may be submitted several ways:  1.)  Electronically, with your checking account number, debit or credit card, through our Resident Portal at  2.)  Via mail:  Specialized Realty Services PO Box 6736  Beaverton OR 97007 (Rent is considered received on the date is it delivered to our mailbox, NOT the postmark date.)  4.)  Hand delivered to our office:  12725 SW Millikan Way, Suite 300  Beaverton OR 97005  (Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm, EXCLUDING holidays.)

If you should choose to mail payment, please ensure to allow enough mailing time for delivery of the mail, as payment must be received IN OUR MAILBOX on or before the 4th of the month (regardless of the day of the week) to avoid late fees.  In addition, to ensure your account is credited to your account properly, please note your address on your payment.

Specialized Realty Services, LLC does not accept third party checks (personal checks from anyone other than the residents named on the lease) and must receive payment in the form of one personal check.  If you are in a roommate situation, we suggest one resident collects the rent from the other residents and writes one check to us.  Multiple money orders or cashier’s checks will be accepted, assuming the outstanding balance is paid in full.

Default of Rental Payment:

If the rent is not received in full by the 8th of the month in which it is due, resident will be served with a 72 hour notice for non-payment of rent, and will be held responsible for all fees, court costs, and legal and collection fees incurred by efforts to collect the rent due.

Returned  Checks:

If a payment is returned to us due to insufficient funds (NSF), the rent portion of the NSF check must be paid in certified funds (cashier’s check or money order) within 48 hours of notification.  Late, NSF and non-compliance fees (if applicable) will also be assessed to the account, as stated in the lease agreement.  Without prompt payment to cure the NSF, a 72 hour notice for non-payment of rent will be issued to the residents, with residents held responsible for all fees, court costs, and legal and collection fees incurred by efforts to collect the rent due.  In the event two NSF payments are submitted within a 12 month period, all future rent payments must be paid with certified funds (cashier’s check or money order.)

Thirty-Day Written Notice:

A thirty day (30) written notice is required 30 days prior to move-out, whether you are breaking your lease, are at the end of a lease term, or have been living at the home on a month to month agreement.  You may submit your thirty day notice through our website at  If notice is sent in another format, be aware that the notice to vacate to will be considered RECEIVED on the date it is received and acknowledged by Specialized Realty Services.  If you should mail the notice to vacate, please allow an additional 4 days for delivery, as the notice to vacate will not be acknowledged until the date it is received in our office.  Lastly, please bear in mind that the resident will be held responsible for a minimum of 30 days from the date the notice is received.

Keys and Locks:

Alterations or replacement of locks, installation of bolts, knockers, mirrors or other attachments to the interior or exterior of doors requires the approval of Specialized Realty Services, LLC. Specialized Realty Services, LLC must have keys to each lock on the house. Specialized Realty Services, LLC may gain access and re-key if at any time access is denied, and charge the cost to the resident.  All keys (as noted in your Lease Agreement) are to be returned to Specialized Realty Services, LLC upon vacating the premises.


All utilities considered the responsibility of resident, shall be placed in resident’s name on the lease start date.  A list of service providers and their contact information is available on our website.  If, at occupancy, utility services considered the responsibility of the resident (such as electric, gas, water, garbage and sewer) are currently on in the property owner’s name, Specialized Realty Services, LLC will request the owner’s name be removed from the utility services billing within 3 days.  Failure to obtain services upon resident move-in will result in a non-compliance of lease agreement, in addition to a $50 penalty per occurrence, if applicable.

Trash, Garbage and Recycling:

All garbage, trash and recyclable materials must be placed in appropriate containers. For single family homes, the resident is required to make arrangements to have garbage and trash picked up weekly.  All containers are to be stored out of view from the front of the house.  Containers are not to be left out, with the exception of pick up days.  Any recycling items collected must be properly contained and discreetly stored.  A total of no more than two 50-gallon trash bags of recyclable materials may be kept on the premises at any given time.

Condominium/Homeowners Associations:

Resident is responsible  to obtain  a copy of the condo or homeowner association, restrictive covenants or declaration and rules, in the event the rental premises are subject to the rules, regulations, covenants and restrictions of a condominium or homeowners association,  resident agrees to abide by all applicable rules and regulations.

The lease is subject to the approval of the condo association or homeowners association and Resident agrees to pay any association application fees necessary for such approval (if applicable).

If Specialized Realty Services, LLC or the property owner receives notification from the HOA of violation of the rules, regulations, covenants and restrictions the cause of which  are the result of the Residents failure to maintain their rental home properly or any notice of violation, the cause of which is directly attributable to the Residents, the Resident’s guest or their invitees, then the Residents are responsible for the cost of curing any violation, legal and attorney fees, court cost, any and all fees, fines, penalties, the cost of travel and other incidentals such as photos, film, video tape, etc. and other costs that may be incurred by Specialized Realty Services, LLC or the property owner.

Disturbances, Noise and Nuisance:

All Residents and guests are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that will not offend or disturb the neighbors or passersby.  Any activity that causes extreme or excessive noise, traffic or disturbance of any kind may be cause for eviction. This includes loud music or bass traveling to another unit for a stereo or TV system, vulgar or profane language in common areas, gathering in the driveway, common areas, or front of the house drinking alcoholic beverages, etc.  If music or other sound can be heard outside the perimeter of the premises leased, it is considered to be affecting the quiet enjoyment of other residents, and a violation of the lease agreement.

Move-In/Move-Out Condition:

When you rent a home from Specialized Realty Services, LLC, we strive to ensure that all items are in good working order. Please report any maintenance or repair request during your first 5 days of possession.  If no report has been received and acknowledged by Specialized Realty Services, LLC, the property will be assumed to be in acceptable condition and any defects brought to our attention after the first 5 days of possession will be considered Resident’s responsibility.

Periodic Property Reviews:

Specialized Realty Services, LLC will conduct periodic reviews of the premises to note its condition. You will be notified of deficiencies, if any, that are a Resident responsibility and you will also be instructed to correct the deficiency in a timely manner. Failure to correct deficiencies once you have been notified could be considered a breach of the Lease Agreement and grounds for termination.


Resident vehicles MUST be registered with Specialized Realty Services, LLC.  All resident and guest vehicles shall be parked in assigned areas (garages, parking lots, driveways, parking pads, etc.) or curbside on public streets where allowed by controlling ordinances.  RESIDENTS AND/OR THEIR GUESTS WHO PARK BLOCKING A GARAGE, IN A FIRE LANE, OR A PARKING SPACE MARKED “RESERVED” WILL BE TOWED AT THE OWNER’S EXPENSE.  Encroaching on another parking space, parking on the grass, sidewalks, or any other areas not specifically designated for parking is strictly prohibited. All vehicles must be registered, licensed and operable at all times. No vehicle repair (with the exception of changing a flat tire or “jumpstarting” a battery) is allowed at any time. No oil/fluid stains are permitted on the garage floor, driveway, walkways or any other area on the property. If your vehicle leaks oil or fluids, place a protective covering or pan under the vehicle to catch leaks.  Residents will be held responsible for excessive oil removal from garages and driveways.


You are responsible for the behavior of any and all guests. All portions of this agreement also apply to your guests.  Only those persons listed on the rental application have permission to occupy the premises over 7 days/nights per calendar year.  Guests staying over 7 days within a calendar year are considered unauthorized occupants, and are a violation of your Lease Agreement.

Emergency Maintenance and Repairs:

An emergency exists when DANGER is present to PERSONS or PROPERTY, or PROPERTY DAMAGE has occurred or WILL OCCUR WITHOUT INTERVENTION.  If the emergency involves a fire or similar emergency, notify the proper authorities at 911 prior to moving forward with emergency procedures.

If you should experience a maintenance emergency within our regular office hours of 9am – 5pm Monday through Friday, please call the office at 503.533.8022 and tell the receptionist you are experiencing an emergency.  They will direct you to the proper contact.

To report an after hours maintenance emergency, please call the Rental Housing Maintenance Services at 503.678.2136 extension 23, and follow the instructions on the voice mail.  Be sure to report the specific emergency and include your telephone number along with your property address in your message.  Be aware, the return call may come from a “Blocked” telephone number.

If there is a major water leak, immediately turn off the water supply to the premises, then contact Specialized Realty Services, LLC.  If there is a gas (natural, LP, propane, etc.) leak, immediately turn off the gas supply valve and contact the gas company that provides service to your location, then notify Specialized Realty Services, LLC.  See Emergency/Disaster Procedures for additional   procedures.

If you should have a “high priority” maintenance request that does not meet the emergency criteria, please see “In and Around The House” within this publication, or visit our website at for additional troubleshooting tips and tricks.


As per your lease agreement, Residents must maintain renter’s insurance in the amount of $100,000.  Please notify your insurance company that Specialized Realty Services, LLC is the Lessor and must be named as “additional insured” on your policy.  A copy of your declarations page should be submitted to Specialized Realty Services, LLC on or before your move in date.  Resident understands that their owner’s/landlord’s property insurance does not cover Resident’s personal property or protect Resident from loss or liability.


Unless you have specific written permission from Specialized Realty Services, LLC (a pet addendum or companion pet agreement) and have paid in advance an additional deposit for the privilege to maintain a pet at the property, no pets, animals, reptiles, birds, etc. of any kind are allowed on the premises, regardless of whether such pet or animal is owned by Resident (“guest” pets).  Any damages including but not limited to: flea treatment, odor and stain elimination, woodwork and trim damage, carpet replacement caused by an animal whether authorized or unauthorized, will be the sole cost and responsibility of the leaseholders, regardless of whom the pet belongs to.

Resident is responsible for their pets at ALL times, and permission to have the pet on the premises may be revoked at any time without terminating your lease agreement.

Should Specialized Realty Services, LLC find that a pet is being, or has been kept on premises without the required permission (pet addendum) and deposits paid in advance, a notice of noncompliance will be issued, and applicable fees and deposits will be charge to the resident account.  Failure to cure the non-compliance will be considered grounds for termination of the Lease Agreement.

Smoke Detectors:

Specialized Realty Services, LLC have tested the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors prior to your move-in.  However, it is the Resident responsibility to test the smoke detectors and carbon monoxides upon move-in and on a monthly basis.  Residents are responsible to change batteries as needed, and notify Specialized Realty Services, LLC immediately if the detectors are malfunctioning. Disabling a smoke detector by any means (removing the batteries or otherwise disabling) is a violation of the law AND your Lease Agreement. DISABLING SMOKE DETECTORS WILL RESULT IN A $250 FINE PER OCCURENCE, WITHOUT EXCEPTION.

Security/Alarm/Video/Television/Satellite Dish:

Please do not install auxiliary security/alarm/video/telecommunication or satellite dishes at the property without prior written permission.  Request forms for alterations of this manner can be found on our website/resident forms.  If an alarm system is being installed, alarm code is to be provided to Specialized Realty Services, LLC within 48 hours of system activation.

Smoking/Candles and Other Devices Emitting Smoke or Vapors:

Specialized Realty Services, LLC are non-smoking properties!  Consumption of cigarettes, marijuana or any other material causing smoke, vapor and/or odor within the leased premises or on the common grounds is not allowed and shall constitute a lease violation resulting in non-compliance fees and a “for cause” notice of lease determination.  Burning incense, candles or other wicked devices is strongly discouraged due to increased danger of fire, in addition to the soot and odor buildup within the home.  Cleaning and repair of soot/smoke/tar residue, odor and/or damage to premises from smoking or burning these devices is NOT CONSIDERED normal wear and tear, and is VERY COSTLY to clean and or repair.  These damages will be assessed to the resident upon move-out, without exception. 


CircuitBreakers and GFI Outlets:

Circuit breakers move ONLY SLIGHTLY when tripped.  If you are checking the breakers to see if they have tripped, please look very carefully at each breaker, as it may not be readily obvious that a breaker has tripped.  A tripped breaker may appear to be on the “on” position, with just a TINY variance from the other breakers.  The Ground Fault Interrupt (GFI) breaker or switch detects even slight voltage changes and cuts the power during fluctuations. They are usually used in locations where a water source may be present, such as in the kitchens and bathrooms, exterior outlets and garages.  If you are experiencing a loss of power in these areas, or along one wall, it is most likely a GFI.  Please look for these outlets and press the “reset” button until power is restored in the affected area.  BE AWARE, the area affected by the GFI outlet is NOT ALWAYS in the same room or area.  CHECK and reset ALL GFI outlets throughout the house until the situation is resolved.  Refrigerators, freezers and other appliances that require constant power should not be plugged into GFI outlets.

Pest Control:

Please report any pest problem within your first 5 days of possession.  If not reported in writing, it is agreed that the premises have no infestation of any kind. Any future infestation of any kind, less termites, is considered a Resident responsibility.  Resident is responsible for reporting any suspected or known insect infestation.  Specialized Realty Services, LLC assumes no responsibility for the control of roaches, mice, rats, ants, fleas or other pests.  Resident will be charged for any damage caused by uncontrolled pests, including but not limited to ants building nests in the HVAC system and damaging the system.

**An exception applies for our residents in a multifamily home, where Specialized Realty Services, LLC will make reasonable provisions for the extermination of roaches, mice, rats, ants, fleas or other pests in your home. If extermination requires that you must temporarily vacate your home, we will provide you a minimum of 7-days written notice.

If you are required to temporarily vacate your home for extermination, we will abate your rent for the period you are required to vacate. Specialized Realty Services, LLC does not compensate residents for the cost of alternate accommodations, such as hotel rooms.

Request to Paint, Wallpaper and/or Other Alterations:

Remember, you are living in someone else’s property.  If you would like to change the house decor in any way, please submit your proposal in writing to Specialized Realty Services LLC, along with a sample of the paint/ wallpaper or drawing of the proposed materials (e.g., adding a fence). If approved, you will receive a written confirmation.  All work must be completed by appropriately qualified, licensed, bonded and insured personnel, and must be completed in a professional, workmanlike manner.  The final improvement or alteration must be inspected and approved by Specialized Realty Services LLC after completion.  Any reimbursements agreed to, if any, will occur within 45 days of inspection and approval of Specialized Realty Services, LLC.



We require for service and maintenance requests to be submitted in writing, with our preferred method of reporting to be via the Maintenance Request form on our website.  Please, use this method for ALL routine maintenance/ repair requests, as it allows us to track and monitor the service request.   When submitting a request, BE AS SPECIFIC and DETAILED AS POSSIBLE when describing the malfunction.  If your request is due to a malfunctioning appliance, please include the make, model AND serial number (often found inside the door of the appliance).  With this information, many times, a tech can assess the concern prior to visiting the property, and may be able to bring the proper supplies and parts in advance.  If you are not contacted by a repair-person within 48 hours (excluding weekends or holidays) after reporting a problem, please notify Specialized Realty Services, LLC so the call can be reassigned.  If you do not have access to a computer or the Internet, please inform us at your lease signing and we will be happy to include some Maintenance Request Forms in your move-in package.

When using a paper form, please write clearly and legibly and then fax, hand deliver, or mail your requests to us.

Scheduling Maintenance:

If you have contacted Specialized Realty Services, LLC for maintenance and/or repair, you are responsible for returning calls and scheduling service once the vendor has contacted you.  The Resident is responsible for granting the vendor access to the premises.  With the exception of multifamily homes, Specialized Realty Services, LLC does NOT provide keys to vendors.  Upon their arrival, be polite to the vendors, they are there to solve your maintenance concern.  Maintenance vendors are not obligated to remain on the premises if you are verbally or physically abusive or threatening in any way, even if the repair is not complete.

Who Does What

All “breakdowns,” system failures and structural defects must be reported to Specialized Realty Services, LLC immediately.  If an urgent repair is needed (i.e., hot water heater leaking) Resident is responsible to take action to stop further damage from occurring, if possible.  If there is a leak, stop the water source immediately.  If the problem is electrical, turn off the breaker serving that appliance or area until the repair technician arrives.  Specialized Realty services, LLC will arrange with vendors to make necessary repairs within a reasonable time.  Resident will not be reimbursed for any unauthorized repairs made.

Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning (HVAC Systems)

All HVAC filters need to be changed once monthly. Resident is responsible for keeping all HVAC filters clean, as air flow is critical to the efficiency of the HVAC system.  This includes keeping the return vents clear of obstruction, such as furniture and clothing. A dirty filter:

  1. Causes resident higher utility bills
  2. Reduces resident’s indoor air quality
  3. Damages the HVAC system

If we perform maintenance on the HVAC system, and it is reported by our vendor the call is the result of filters not being changed on a regular basis, resident will be billed for the entire repair.  Also, if we find an overly soiled filter during a property visit, we will replace or install the filter at resident’s expense.

Also keep the “condensation drain line” clean and clear of obstructions.  The area around the condenser (outside unit) should also be kept clear of debris and other obstructions.  Do not allow grass and weeds to grow up around the condenser unit.

NOTE:  An HVAC system failure does not constitute an emergency.  Every effort will be made to have a service technician scheduled as soon as possible.  However, if the malfunction occurs on the weekend or on a holiday, it may not be possible to have the unit serviced until the next regular business day.

Lawns and Grounds:

Resident is expected to care for the lawn and grounds, keeping them in as good a condition as when you took possession of premises.  This care includes regularly cutting the grass, watering and fertilizing the lawn, trimming shrubs, edging all driveways, walkways and curbs, treating fire ant mounds, treating for lawn pests, treating for chinch bugs in St. Augustine grass, cleaning the property of leaves, debris, and pine needles, in addition to preventing vines from growing onto the house.  Keep shrub and tree growth away from the roof, eaves, and sides of the house.  Resident is required to report any condition which can cause damage, permanent or temporary, to the grounds.

Flowering trees must be pruned at the proper time of the year for their species and all flower/shrub beds must be kept free of weeds, grass, etc.  Resident must maintain mulch cover.

Lawn Irrigation/Sprinkler Systems:

Any problems or repairs needed to the irrigation/sprinkler system must be reported in writing to Specialized Realty Services, LLC within 7 days of taking possession of premises.  If no notice is received, Specialized Realty Services, LLC will assume that the irrigation/sprinkler system is in good working order and any needed repairs/ maintenance will become the responsibility of the Resident.  It is the responsibility of the Resident to keep the irrigation/sprinkler system in good working order, including resetting the electric timer if necessary and replacing broken sprinkler heads.  It is the responsibility of Resident to comply with water restrictions for your area.


Specialized Realty Services, LLC has confirmed that all light bulbs are operational upon your move-in.  Residents are responsible to replace bulbs as needed during residency.  Upon move-out, bulbs must be of MATCHING TYPE and wattage within each fixture to avoid being charge replacement fees.


Resident is responsible for keeping all sink, tub/shower, lavatory and toilet drain lines clear and free of clogs.  Do not allow anyone to dispose foreign objects of any type into the plumbing system, or to use it for any purpose other than for which it is designed.  Sanitary products, diapers, diaper wipes, condoms, cotton swabs (Q-tips), coffee grounds, cooking fats or oils are not to be flushed down any toilet or otherwise deposited into the house sewer.

If your property is on a septic tank sewer system, in addition to the items listed above, do not flush wet-strength paper towels, facial tissues, cigarette butts, and other non-decomposable materials into the property sewer.  These materials will not de-compose and will fill the septic tank and clog the system.  Regular septic tank maintenance is critical to avoid blockage, backing up of waste into the property and responsibility for costly repairs.  Resident must purchase an appropriate enzyme product and flush into a functioning toilet, as directed on product.

Resident will be responsible for any damage or stoppage unless it was caused by mechanical failure of the plumbing system.

Aquariums/Waterbeds/Flotation Bedding Devices:

Resident will be responsible for ANY damage caused by an aquarium, waterbed or flotation bedding device.  Resident will have a current aquarium/waterbed/flotation bedding device insurance policy in effect during possession of water bed/floatation bedding device.

Walls, Ceilings, Baseboards, Trim and Doors:

Please keep the walls, doors, baseboard, doors and windowsills of the home clean and unmarred.  You are welcome to hang pictures on the walls as long as the walls are clean and unmarred when you move out.  Do not paint or wallpaper without prior written approval of Specialized Realty Services, LLC.  All walls, baseboards, doors and trim must be clean and free of markings and adhesives upon move-out.  Be aware, PLACING FURNITURE TOO CLOSE TO THE WALLS AND BASEBOARDS CAN CAUSE DAMAGE TO THE WALLS and BASEBOARDS caused by RUBBING OF FURNITURE AGAINST THE WALLS AND BASEBOARDS, or the growth of mildew due to lack of proper circulation around furniture.

Vinyl/Ceramic Tile Floorings:

With normal household use, vinyl floors may be cleaned with a solution of warm water and white vinegar or floor cleaner.  Do not use gasoline, benzene, naphtha, turpentine or any agents containing these solvents. Do not apply varnish, lacquer or shellac to the floor.  Do not apply any type of wax to ceramic tile floors.  Resident will be responsible for damage to the flooring such as broken tiles, torn or discolored vinyl or improper cleaning procedures.


Dust mop, sweep or vacuum floors regularly.  Do not wet-mop wood floors.  Standing water can dull the finish and discolor and damage the wood.  Do not let any water drip, pour or accumulate on floors. as this is the cause of warping.  Clean liquid spills with a dry cloth and sticky spills with a slightly dampened cloth.  Do not use soaps, detergents or oil soaps on your wood floors. When mopping is needed, use a wood cleaner applied lightly with a cloth or mop and then buff dry.  Resident shall not shellac or refinish floors without management’s prior written approval.  Use fabric-faced guides under the furniture legs to prevent scratches.  Do not drag or slide furniture across the floor.  Resident will be responsible for damage to the flooring.

Carpet Care:

Specialized Realty Services, LLC has had your carpets professionally cleaned and assessed for damages prior to resident move-in.  Routine carpet care requires a thorough vacuuming at least once a week to remove the soil from the carpet and to keep the pile erect.  Heavy traffic areas require more frequent vacuuming.  Excessive compaction of carpet due to failure to vacuum reduces the carpet life significantly and is NOT considered NORMAL wear and tear.  Reduction of carpet life will be assessed to the resident.  Specialized Realty Services, LLC will have the carpets professionally assessed for damages upon move-out.

Garbage Disposals:

Garbage disposals are not for bones, eggshells, greasy items, meat, pasta, rice or any other similar materials.  If the motor buzzes, turn the switch off, unplug, and Verify that a foreign object or compacted food isn’t something that shouldn’t be placed in the disposal, such as a bottle cap or kitchen utensil, or other foreign object.  There is usually a reset button on the bottom or the side of the disposal (usually a small red or yellow button, and never easy to find).  Almost all disposal jams are from what is put into the disposal.

Washer/Dryer Hookups:

Check all hoses and washers to prevent or correct leaks.  When installing a washing machine, use “burst resistant stainless steel braided” washing machine hoses only.  If you are going to be absent from the property for an extended period of time, turn off the hot and cold water supply valves.  Check the walls and floor by the washing machine monthly for evidence of leaks.  Keep dryer vent and lint trap clear of lint or other build -up as this can cause a fire.

Water Heaters (Gas/Electric):

If you have an electric water heater that is not functioning, you may want to first check to see if the reset button or the breaker may have tripped before making a maintenance/repair request.

If you have a gas water heater, the pilot light may have gone out.  Check manufacturer’s instructions or contact the gas company.

Proper Care, Cleaning and How To’s:

Specialized Realty Services, LLC works hard to deliver to you a clean, well maintained and comfortable home with all the mechanical equipment operating properly. Proper cleaning and maintenance will keep the home and its equipment functioning properly.  A properly maintained home is a team effort involving the property owner who keeps structural and mechanical maintenance up-to-date; the Property Manager who keeps a record of necessary maintenance and places responsible people in the property; and the Resident who keeps the property clean, performs cosmetic maintenance and promptly reports any structural or mechanical failure to Specialized Realty Services, LLC.

Cleaning Standards:

DO NOT USE ABRASIVES ON APPLIANCES, PAINTED, PLASTIC, OR SHINY/POLISHED OBJECTS.  Not cleaning all these items regularly can cause grime buildup, leading to excessive wear and tear to clean properly, once the effort has been made.  Resident will be held responsible for additional wear and tear in these circumstances.

  1. Keep windows and storm doors clean, inside and outside; interior cleaning at least once a month, exterior cleaning every six months. Wash between windows and screens quarterly.
  2. Clean dust, dirt and debris from the upper and lower sliding glass door tracks monthly.
  3. Clean stove, drip pans, under drip pans, oven racks and drawer, broiler pan, hood, filter and vent biweekly.
  4. Mop vinyl floors biweekly.
  5. Dust baseboards, windows sills, window grids, tops of windows, ceiling fans, doors, ceilings and corners of the room monthly.
  6. Clean AC/Heat air return grate and change filter each month. (A good rule OF thumb is to change your filters and check your smoke detectors when you pay your rent.)
  7. Clean and sweep out fireplace, clean fireplace grate, screen and glass.
  8. Replace burned-out light bulbs as needed, clean lighting fixtures as needed.
  9. Blinds, if provided, should be dusted monthly.
  10. Bathrooms should be cleaned weekly.  This includes toilet bowls and base, sink, mirror, floor, bathtub and shower (including walls).  Wipe out medicine cabinet, drawers and cabinets.
  11. Sweep garage regularly, as needed.

Counter Tops and Cabinets:

Always use cutting boards and hot pads when chopping, cutting or placing hot items on counter tops.  Do not use abrasive cleaners on counter tops as they will scratch.  All cabinets must be vacuumed out, wiped down and the drawer/door fronts cleaned before vacating.

Kitchen Sinks:

Use care when washing dishes and large or heavy pots in the kitchen sink.  Dents, scratches and chips to the sink are NOT considered normal wear and tear, with damages will be assessed to the resident upon move-out.

Kitchen Appliances:

Each kitchen appliance must be cleaned regularly particularly, the stove hood, the stove hood filter, the oven, under stove burners and the drip pans.  Please clean under the refrigerator, washer, and dryer regularly.  Not cleaning all these items regularly can cause excessive wear and tear, for which Resident will be responsible.


If there is a wood burning fireplace in your home, do not burn pine or any other “sappy” wood, which causes a buildup of residue in the chimney and increases the possibility of fire.  The fireplace is to be used for wood only, and is not a place to burn cardboard, holiday wrappings, pine needles, or other foreign objects.

When using the fireplace in your residence:

  1. Open the flue before starting the fire and keep it open until the ashes are cool enough to touch.
  2. Close the fireplace screen or door when the fireplace is in use to keep sparks from flying out.
  3. Do not put ANYTHING (including paper and kindling) closer than three (3) feet to the fireplace while it is in use
  4. Never leave a fire unattended.
  5. Burn only dry, seasoned hardwood. Do not use green wood, treated lumber or painted wood.
  6. Never use combustible liquids such as kerosene, turpentine, lighter fluid or gasoline to start or accelerate the fire.
  7. Do not stuff scrap paper, gift wrapping paper or old Christmas trees into the fireplace.
  8. Do not use excessive amounts of paper or wood to create a roaring fire.
  9. Do not dispose of burnt logs or ashes until they cool completely. Dispose of cooled ashes in a metal container.  Usually, you can re-burn logs. If you must dispose of a log, wait until it is completely cool, then douse it with water and place it outside away from combustible materials.
  10. Notify Specialized Realty Services, LLC immediately of any problems with the fireplace, such as smoke backing into the room or the flue not working, and refrain from use until the situation has been resolved.


Written Notice:

A written thirty day notice is required before notice to vacate is accepted by Specialized Realty Services, LLC.  The notice must include the date ALL PARTIES on the Lease Agreement plan to vacate the premises in its entirety, with all items removed from the home and move-out procedures listed below, completed in their entirety.  This notice must not be less than 30 days before termination.  Once Specialized Realty Services, LLC receives a 30 day notice from Resident, we will send a list of move-out procedures

to the Resident.  This form is also listed on our website, for review.  Follow the Move-Out Procedures to ensure the full return of Resident’s security deposit, less carpet cleaning fees upon move-out.

Marketing During the Notice Period:

After you have given written notice to vacate, the property may be listed for rent. The most probable showing hours are between 11:00am and 3:00 pm.  Specialized Realty Services, LLC will make a reasonable effort to accommodate your schedule, however, the property must be available and in good condition during the market time. Illness and special events hosted by the residents are acceptable reasons for rescheduling a showing.  Inconvenience, out of town guests, and no one home are not acceptable reasons to reschedule a showing.  You will be e-mailed 48 hours in advance prior to showing.

Extra effort on your part is expected in keeping the house and yard neat and clean during marketing and showing periods.  Pets should be out of the way and litter boxes should be clean and odor free.  The better a home shows, the more likely it will rent quickly, which means less showings affecting your schedule.  A home that shows well benefits everyone!

The Move-Out Process:

Once the Resident has vacated the premises and keys have been received by Specialized Realty Services, we will begin the Move-Out process to determine and expedite return of the Resident’s security deposit. Please ensure you follow the proper key return procedures, as failure to do so can results in additional holdover fees, as we do not consider the home vacated until you have returned keys AND notified us you have vacated the property. Resident is fully responsible until the keys have been given to and received by Specialized Realty Services.  All utilities are to be in the residents name THROUGH last day of legal residency or when the home is vacated, whichever is later.

Return  of the Security Deposit:

RESIDENT MAY NOT DICTATE THAT THE SECURITY  DEPOSIT BE USED FOR ANY RENT DUE!   The security deposit will be refunded within  30 days of your move-out and return of the keys and garage door openers if applicable. Return of the Security Deposit is subject to the following  provisions:


  1. Resident has given thirty (30) days written notice prior to vacating.
  2. The full term of the Agreement has expired and Resident has complied with all other provisions.
  3. All charges due including rents and fees, maintenance or repair costs that are a Resident obligation, utilities costs that are a Resident obligation and any other fees or charges that may be required to be paid by Resident have been paid in full.
  4. No damage to Premises or its contents beyond normal wear and tear is evident. All walls, doors, baseboard and trim are clean and unmarred.  Resident understands that any expenses incurred by Lessor to return Premises to the same condition (less normal wear and tear) as when Resident moved in, shall be paid by Resident.
  5. The entire dwelling, including but not limited to carpets, bathroom and fixtures, floors, windows inside and out, window blinds, ceiling fans and light fixtures, all appliances, closets and cupboards are thoroughly clean and free of insects.
  6. All debris, rubbish, and all personal property has been removed from Premises and disposed of properly.
  7. The HVAC system has been left clean and in satisfactory condition and the filter has been changed.
  8. The lawn has been mowed and edged, shrubs have been trimmed and debris properly removed from Premises.



Make Your Plan Now:

The key to safely and properly handling any emergency/disaster is preplanning and staying calm during and after the event.  Being prepared is every individual’s responsibility, don’t rely solely on the authorities.  Take charge and plan now so you can be better prepared to take action if and when the time comes.  Advanced planning allows for fewer delays and mistakes, which can make a difference for you, your family, and the home you are caring for when dealing with an emergency.  It is easy to forget even little things in the anxiety that often comes with an emergency.  To avoid unnecessary stress, educate yourself and your family members in regards to emergency procedures.

Two Types of Emergencies:

The first type is a Non-Disaster Emergency, one that is specific to the property you rent (i.e. a tree falls on this house, or the hot water heater bursts).  The second type of emergency is an area wide Disaster (i.e., earthquake, flood or any event that the authorities are recommending the area be vacated).

What You Do:

Everything an Owner would do to protect the property, the Resident is expected to do.  The first priority is to stop additional damage if it is active occuring.  A loss of power due to storm and high winds could occur at any time.  Be prepared.

If there is an area-wide warning to vacate the premises, you are responsible to secure the property prior to leaving.



Have an emergency preparedness plan, a checklist and a storm kit.  Stay tuned to the local news media and follow all recommended precautions and instructions.

  1. Secure all outside items. Bring in swings sets,  play  houses,   small planters,  anything that could turn into a flying object during high winds.
  2. Turn off main breaker to house.
  3. Turn off main gas line to house. (Call  Gas Company for instructions)
  4. Turn off main water supply to house.
  5. Take all recommended precautions by the local news  media and storm bulletin publications.   Do not put tape on the windows!
  7. Secure all outside items. Bring in swings sets,  play  houses,   small planters,  anything that could turn into a flying object during high winds.
  8. Secure house against damage. Follow all recommendations  by the local  news and the emergency  preparedness teams for your area.
  9. Make sure Specialized Realty Services has a key for your house (have you changed locks lately?)





(i.e.  Kitchen Fire,  Water Pipe Burst, Hot Water Heater Burst, Tree Falls on House)

Upon first occurrence or discovery of concern, secure from further damage immediately.  Following is a summary of what to expect.  Please post this note in a visible place.  If any of these actions do not occur, notify the office immediately.  Keeping everyone on schedule is a cooperative effort, and you are part of the team.


Resident Responsibility

  • Take steps to prevent additional damage immediately.
  • Turn off the source of water or electricity or gas, as the situation demands.
  • Notify Specialized Realty Services, LLC at 503.533.8022. If it is after hours, call Rental Housing Maintenance Services at 503.678.2136, extension 23 and follow the instructions on the voice mail.  Please also add that you are leasing a home managed by Specialized Realty Services.
  • Make claim on Resident’s insurance.
  • Notify Specialized Realty Services Resident’s insurance coverage.
  • Provide emergency (police, fire, etc.) report to Specialized Realty Services, LLC within 5 days of the incident.
  • Provide access for insurance, repair technicians, etc. to assess and repair damage.
  • Notify Specialized Realty Services, LLC of delays, “no show” appointments and problems with repairs.

Resident is responsible for any loss to the Owner due to Resident negligence.  If the damage was caused by a current resident or a guest, please be aware all charges not covered by insurance will be billed to you.



Congratulations on the selection of your new home. Welcome to the Portland Metro area and to your new association with Specialized Realty Services, LLC.  We are pleased to have you as our residents and want to make your new association with Specialized Realty Services, LLC a pleasant experience.  Our aim, on behalf of the owner of the property, is to give you quality property management service.  In return, we look forward to your being a responsible and cooperative resident who pays the rent on time, takes care of the property, and enjoys the home you have rented.

Our office is located at 12725 SW Millikan Way, Suite 300,  Beaverton, OR 97005.  Our regular office hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.  The office phone number is 503.533.8022, our fax number is 503.906.7801.  Our website is

You may contact us via e-mail at, through our website, on our office telephone, or via fax.  If we are unavailable when you attempt to contact us, we will contact you within at our earliest availability, typically by the following business day.

We are looking forward to having you as part of the Specialized Realty Services family, and hope your rental experience with us will be a long and pleasant one.



The Staff and Management of Specialized Realty Services, LLC